Building a New House Or Addition – The Role of the Architect During the Construction Process

Along with hiring an architect for the creation of construction documents (drawings and specifications) to get a home improvement project or a new house, the architect may be a true resource in contemporary houses the owner from the very tough process which is a construction project. Besides being well-versed in the building process, a seasoned architect understands intimately the pitfalls of building and has a working knowledge of construction law and, in my case, Florida lien legislation.
An architect may make real tips for protecting the homeowner to get an unscrupulous or inexperienced builder.

Protecting the homeowner out of an inexperienced or unscrupulous contractor

When an architect has been hired to provide services during construction, he/she will generally:

Shop drawings offered by the contractor or subcontractor, by means of the general contractor, show the manufacturer’s information on the actual substance and occasionally his recommendations on how the substance should be installed. When a contractor asks consent to substitute 1 product for another, the builder would make sure the products are equal products.

The architect who’s hired for services throughout the building phase will review the pay requests and make sure what the customer is getting is what is in the permitted drawings. When he/she visit the website, the builder can make sure what was submitted at the shop drawings is really what is being installed in the area. In addition, the contractor can make sure that the contractor isn’t”front-loading” the schedule of material and labor expenses. Front-loading means that the builder is trying to collect more money up front by stating that things that should be installed first actually be more expensive than they do. To put it differently, he will put in more cash for the steel for the footings and the concrete than what they really cost so that he can put more cash in his pocket at the start of the job.

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