A Continuing Journey In The Magic History Of Singapore

In this period of time, The Tropicana Night magicien mentaliste, that was located at Pacific Plaza, was a place that had routine magic performances. Several renowned magicians also visited Singapore from the 70s. Back in 1970, John Calvert performed in the National Theatre. In that exact same year,”The Professor” Dai Vernon also seen Singapore, lectured and socialized with local magicians.


From the 1980s, the regional magic scene was booming with healthful memberships for both primary magic clubs in addition to a surge in the amount of acting magicians. Lots of the veterans left their title at the 80s. Popular local places for people magical shows by magical clubs held on a regular basis at the time comprised the Drama Centre and the National Museum Theatrette.

Gician Tan also opened his first magical store at Parkway Parade which then transferred to Marina Square and has been handled by Richard Ang. Apart from this primary store, he dispersed magic things and places through department stores

In Singapore and South East Asia.The Singapore viewers was also subjected to world class magical through several magical tv shows and series which were aired on local TV such as the David Copperfield specials, Magic Magic and The Best of Magic.


The start of the decade saw the coming of the nation’s third generation magicians to the neighborhood magical scene.

The local chapter of International Magicians Society has been formed, based on its President, Tan Bah Chee; even though the club’s existence in Singapore was short lived.

The late-1990s saw a massive surge in magical international popularity because of David Blaine’s street magic specials. A lot of people began to’enter’ magical and had fresh mediums to find out the craft like the introduction of DVDs and the web.

A new magical store, Magic Castle & Promotions, opened by Vijay Kumar in Shaw Towers shortly became’the place to be’ where fresh magicians would hang out and match.

The store was then sold to Richard Ang and is currently well called Ang House of Magic. Patrick Wan opened his new store, Magic Wand, that has spawned into many outlets in a variety of parts of Singapore. Steven Sim additionally opened Magic Supreme in Coronation Plaza that has moved to Park Theater.

The 90s has been a thrilling decade with several performances and visits by renowned magicians.

2000 – Current

Magic has continued to thrive in the neighborhood level within this decade. New opportunities and abilities have emerged to increase the art in Singapore. In May 2000, J C Amount staged the first ever local full-evening theater show’Magic in the Theatre’ in Victoria Theatre. Only a month after, over a dozen magicians by the United States and Canada came back to Singapore within the Magic Festival coordinated by the Malls of Centrepoint. Magicians like Robert Baxt, Rocco and Peter Gossamer conducted multiple displays at different Centrepoint Malls for over a week.

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