Online retailers have many reasons to be optimistic about the future of online shopping sites in Lahore Pakistan. Here are the reasons why consumers buy online, in their own words:


One of the reasons people most often cite when surfing online is that they can review and compare dozens of stores and products at once.

Rather than having to travel from one store to another or from one aisle to another, savvy online shoppers simply navigate from one web page to another by comparing stores and merchandise from these stores.

They are looking for product reviews and opinions. They compare price, quality and service to the and they can do it all online.

Wider selection

With far more choices on dozens of sites than in a store, buyers turn to the Internet to find a wide choice.

For example, Amazon started out as a book seller, but quickly expanded its range and has become a place where you can both a MacBook and peanut butter.

Best prices

Bargain hunters are always present.

In fact, many buyers use a hybrid comparator system where they visit a physical store to determine exactly what they want and then look for the best price online. This is especially true in categories, such as clothing or perfumes, where the buyer wants to touch, smell and try the product.

They visit a physical store, find the exact product they want, and head to the web to find the best price.

A merchant capable of offering aggressive prices can capture this fickle clientele of bargain hunters.


Reviews from other buyers

It is difficult to estimate the importance of social proof. Online shoppers report that reading reviews is one of the most important reasons for online shopping.

In other words, if you want people to buy, you have to show that others have bought.

Win time

The only resource that can compete with money today is time. As a result, “saving time” is often cited just below “finding the lowest price” as a reason for shopping online.

People who buy online take advantage of saving time in addition to the other benefits of online shopping.

You only have to look at the success of the Amazon Prime service offering to understand the importance of speed of delivery.


Where else can you shop, even at midnight, in your pajamas? You don’t have to wait in line or wait for the seller to help you with your purchases. You can do your shopping in minutes, even when you’re busy, in addition to saving time and avoiding crowds. Online stores give us the opportunity to shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Compulsive buying

Oftentimes when we go out shopping we end up buying things we don’t need because of the merchants’ selling skills – or we compromise our choices because of the lack of choice in these stores.

Discreet purchases

Some things are best done in private. Online stores allow you to buy underwear and lingerie or adult toys without the embarrassment of the fact that there are several people watching.

Find rare items

It is not always easy to find rare items in department stores and the internet allows you to find unique items or very specific services that are impossible to find elsewhere.

Books were the first product that was widely sold online, when Amazon was a bookseller and not a virtual mall, and the web is still one of the best places to buy books for less. You don’t need to physically manipulate a book before buying it, and sites like Amazon now offer preview features that allow you to take a look at the content before you decide to buy.

The Internet also gives you access to a huge second-hand market for books.

Purchasing a new gadget, such as a TV or smartphone, is a complicated process. There are many factors to consider, including product specifications, warranty, and the ease with which you can return it if you are not satisfied. It is difficult to do all of this while standing in a showroom in front of a sales clerk eager to try to get you to make your purchase right away.


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